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Here we would like to tell you something about the place value as well as the history of Gasthof zum Pfandl. You will be astonished at the centuries of history:




History of the house "Steinbruch 1":

The history of this house is connected with the "Sudpfanne of Bad Ischl" (explanation below). Therefore it isn`t surprising that the first mention of the house can already be found in 1325. The field name "Pfandl" comes from word "Salzpfanne" (salt pan), in which brine from a spring was boiled. The possession of this boiling of salt shared the sovereign of Wildenstein with the convent of Traunkirchen. In 1350 the boiling of brine was conveyed. Today`s Gasthof zum Pfandl obtained its licence in 1665. The house Steinbruch 1 - it has been our address to this day - belonged to the reign of Wildenstein. Until the 19th century, a number of owners were registered by name. In 1911 the guest house came into the possession of Anton Streibl from Gampern, husband of Julie Unterberger, daughter of the previous owner. Their son, Franz Streibl, who was married to Christine Seidel from Altmünster, took over the business in 1950. In 1976, the guest house was taken over by daughter Christine Streibl, who was married to Erich Auer. In 1977/78 the new building of today`s Gasthof zum Pfandl was arranged, which has been in the possession of Alexander Auer since 1996.



He was born in 1970 in Bad Ischl. After he had finished school he trained to be a cook and a waiter in the parent`s business. From 1989 to 1991 he worked on the ships "Vistafjord" and "Meridian" and gathered international experience as 1st Cook and Sous Chef. Since 1996 he is the owner of the restaurant Gasthof zum Pfandl.

He is a real artist in fruit-, vegetable- and ice-carving. You can admire his talent at the buffets in the catering area.

In his private life he is happy with girlfriend Gabi, daughter Lisa and son David.